When teeth have been lost, most patients will opt to replace them rather than leave an unsightly gap. Whilst an increasing number of people are moving towards dental implants as their replacement of choice, there are still many who prefer the more traditional approach of wearing a denture.

Here at Roland and Tollett Dental Practices, we offer partial dentures for replacing individual or a few missing teeth, as well as full dentures where a complete arch of teeth has been lost. Latest denture materials and fitting techniques lead to a comfortable fit, excellent stability and a realistic, natural appearance.




There are a number of types of dentures to choose from and we will discuss the various options and prices with you when you attend for your consultation at our convenient practice in the heart of St John’s Wood.

Spending time at this stage is very important and helps to ensure that the right type of denture is chosen for your particular circumstance.

Modern dentures

Whilst old-fashioned dentures sometimes appeared unnatural, modern cosmetic dentures provide replacement teeth that look very natural and which you can wear with confidence.

We will take the time and care to ensure that both the ‘gum tissue’ section of the denture and the replacement teeth are made to match the existing structures within your mouth and hence make the dentures as discreet as possible when worn.


Modern dentures are much more stable and secure than their predecessors and don’t move around in the mouth anywhere near as much as the more traditional versions.

However, for denture patients who would like even more stability, we can provide the option of using dental implants to stabilise them. This provides an extremely firm base whereby your dentures clip into place during wearing, but can still be removed for cleaning.

Modern dentures are much more refined and lighter in construction than previous types and, after the initial period of wearing, most patients find dentures to be a comfortable option to replace missing teeth and a viable alternative to implants.

If you have missing teeth and you are considering the various methods available to restore your smile and the functionality of eating, please contact Roland and Tollett Dental Practices on 0207 722 8995 to arrange a consultation with our experienced team.