Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is extremely important, and, in addition to regular checks with our dentists, we also recommend that you visit our hygienist at our St John’s Wood dental practice on a regular basis to help you keep them in good condition. Our dental hygienist offers a number of services that will complement your own personal care and help keep your gum and tooth care firmly on track.

Due to changes in legislation, we are now able to offer appointments directly with one of our hygienists without having to see a dentist first; however we do stress that seeing our hygienists is not a substitute for a dentist check up. Our hygiene treatments start from £78. Please contact us directly by telephone on the number at the head of the page or use our contact form.

Gum health advice

A key role of our hygiene team at Fifty Five A Dental Practices is in the prevention of gum disease. This is an important foundation for a healthy mouth, but is something that is sometimes not fully appreciated by patients. With gum disease being the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK, it’s vital that we all appreciate just how devastating it can be and how to keep it at bay.

Our hygienist will offer advice on how to clean your teeth in the most efficient way possible, including how to floss between the teeth or use an inter-dental brush as an alternative. Doing so plays a large part in the prevention of gum disease, as bacteria build up often starts between the teeth where a brush can’t reach effectively.

They will also discuss lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking and diet as well as how any illnesses that you may have, such as diabetes, can impact upon your oral health and how to keep risks to a minimum.


Professional clean

In order to remove any tartar (hardened bacteria) from the teeth and gum line, our hygienist will perform a thorough, professional clean, also known as a ‘scale and polish’. This removes the bacteria from areas that home brushing often misses.

A thorough clean with our hygienist, in conjunction with diligent personal care, will help to prevent gum disease, remove surface staining from your teeth and leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.




Whilst adults definitely benefit from regular hygienist visits, children will also benefit too.

Early education regarding oral health care is vital in helping them make a great start on the journey to maintaining healthy teeth and gums throughout their life. Whilst children can sometimes be reluctant to listen to their parents, they will often take notice of others who they see as being in a position of authority on a particular subject, such as our dentists and hygienists. So please don’t hesitate to bring them along from an early age.

Our team are experienced at working with children and at putting them at ease and the early education we offer will stand them in good stead and reduce the risk of dental problems as they grow up.

Did you know that you do not need to be a patient of Fifty Five A Dental Practices to see our hygienist? If you prefer to see them directly, simply call our St John’s Wood practice to make an appointment on 0207 722 8995.