Teeth Whitening


At Fifty Five A Dental Practices in St John's Wood, we offer a range of advanced cosmetic dental procedures designed to help our patients achieve the smile that they’ve always wanted. Of these, the teeth whitening procedure is perhaps the most popular.

Because of its minimally invasive nature and affordable price, as well as producing great looking teeth, it is perhaps no surprise that this is one of the most popular professional and personalised cosmetic procedures that we offer.

How does it work?

Most discolouration of the teeth actually occurs in the soft inner part, rather than the surface. For this reason, no amount of brushing will rectify the problem. Instead, a bleaching agent is used which gradually lightens the inner part of the tooth.

The teeth whitening procedure

First of all we take very accurate impressions of your teeth, after which the impressions are sent to a dental laboratory for bleaching trays to be made. These are designed to fit comfortably and securely over your teeth so that the bleaching agent does not leak onto the lips and gums, as this could otherwise cause unpleasant burns.

We will discuss just how white you wish your new smile to be and supply you with bleaching gel of an appropriate strength to achieve the desired outcome. We will guide you on how to use the trays and gel and how long to wear the trays for. This is typically for a few hours each day over a period of two or three weeks, but it will be tailored specifically for you after discussion with our dentist.

At the end of this procedure, your teeth will be much whiter than before and we are sure you will feel more confident with your new smile too. We are aware that many patients prefer to avoid the brilliant white ‘celebrity’ smile and we can design your treatment accordingly. A shorter treatment period or weaker whitening solution can improve the whiteness of your smile in a less dramatic way if you prefer.

Naturally, we are always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the treatment period.


The benefits of whiter teeth

Apart from the obvious cosmetic improvement many people find that they feel more confident and able to smile more freely, with the potential for positive effect on both your social and professional lives.

You may also like to note that:

  • It is essentially a pain free procedure. A few people do note slightly heightened sensitivity for a few days, but this soon returns to normal.
  • When the whiteness starts to fade after several months, you can easily have your whitening topped up with no detrimental effect to the health of your teeth. If you keep your bleaching trays safe and clean, the price of “top ups” is minimal.

If you are unhappy about the colour of your teeth and would like to find out how we can help you, please call Fifty Five A Dental of St John’s Wood on 0207 722 8995